Marketing Your EventsX Event
Oct 06, 9:00AM to Oct 06 , 5:00PM BST

About this course


To hold a successful event, people need to know about it. Marketing an event isn’t just about sending a few emails or posting a few tweets. There are numerous factors involved in ensuring your event is marketed properly so it becomes a success. 

In this course, we will show you all the tools that EventsX makes available to help you promote and market your event, including how to pay others for sponsorship or  for referring ticket sales. 



  • 300 minutes. Lessons must be completed in sequence. 


What you'll learn:

  • Custom registration forms
  • Introduction to tickets and ticket groups
  • Introduction to Stripe for payments
  • How to connect Stripe
  • Appointing influencers as referrers
  • Connecting Stripe for referral payments
  • Connecting Stripe for Expo Booth payments
  • Connecting Stripe for Sponsorship payments
  • Discounts and promo codes
  • Landing page creation
  • Speaker profiles
  • Adding Google Analytics to your event 
  • Embed your event registration on external websites
  • Use EventsX’s built-in email capabilities
  • Promoting your event on social media and other channels
Oct 06 9:00AM–5:00PM BST · Stage
Marketing Your EventsX Event