How to Successfully Launch a Business in a Post-COVID World
Dec 12, 9:00AM to Dec 16 , 5:00PM +0530

About this Event


The two-day How to Successfully Launch a Business in a Post-COVID World virtual conference helps entrepreneurs and businesspeople more deeply understand the challenges of starting a business in a post-COVID environment, and provides an easy-to-follow roadmap on how to do it successfully. 


Even before COVID struck, new businesses were often hamstrung by not understanding many of the basics of how to do business, as well as how to do it in a modern world. Then COVID came along and didn’t only change the game, it obliterated the playing field. In its wake, it left a world so fundamentally changed that the rules of starting a new business have been turned on their heads. 

Start My Business has worked out a system that helps any business get off the ground because they offer the essentials that are virtually guaranteed to make any business successful, whether pre- or post-COVID.


The two-day How to Successfully Launch a Business in a Post-COVID World conference is also available as a client-customized private course via EventsX. Please contact the course administrator for details.


Who should attend

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Businesspeople
  • Finance Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Business law professionals

Why you should attend

  • Easy-to-apply skills will show you precisely the marketing actions necessary to get your business off the ground without costing an arm and a leg.
  • Before your business even starts, you need to make sure your idea is of value to potential clients. After that, you need a proper business plan. We will show you how to knock both out of the park.
  • Understand all the legal aspects of starting and running a business, and get your legal basics in so that you won’t be hit by crippling fines or lawsuits.
  • Learn how to set up your virtual or physical office quickly and easily, with minimal costs and hassle.
  • Receive a simple yet effective game plan for digital marketing, including tips on how to easily get a high-conversion landing page or website up and running in no time.

What are the benefits

  • Understand business plans and ideas fully. Know how to test if an idea is likely to fail or succeed.
  • All lessons come with simple DIY steps to immediately get you up and running. 
  • Understand the most advanced modern-day marketing principles so you don’t have to pay expensive agencies to market your business effectively.
  • Increase productivity and sales.
  • Know the business insurance pitfalls that can cause you to pay too much for unnecessary insurance.
  • Gain access to free tools that will help you determine precisely what your business needs to succeed. 

What previous delegates have said about similar events:

  • It gave me everything I needed to know to run my business.
  • Starting a business after COVID is tough. This seminar gave me the tools I needed, to know how to get mine off the ground successfully.
  • Excellent hands-on sessions. I particularly enjoyed the section on legal assistance.
  • Wonderful instructor. Great insight.

What you will get:

  • Two-day virtual training from an expert.
  • Access to free tools to determine the precise roadmap you must follow to get your business off the ground.
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Dec 12 9:00AM–5:00PM +0530 · Stage
Starting a business
We begin with an overview of the traditional challenges that have faced new businesses and caused the vast majority of them to fail within the first five years. These challenges have not disappeared, and some of them have worsened. It’s important to understand them before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey.
Dec 12 9:00AM–4:30PM +0530 · Session
Post-COVID’s unique challenges (and how to overcome them)
Adding to those existing challenges are new COVID-specific challenges, such as setting up a business so that it can operate both on-site and remotely at a moment’s notice. Many restaurants failed during the pandemic. How do businesses in such a sector stay afloat? And what can a business do when the government seems to hold such power over its daily affairs? There are answers to these questions, and we will cover them in depth during this phase of the conference.
Dec 12 10:15AM–1:15PM +0530 · Session
The law can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Protect yourself.
From contracts to privacy violations to bad accounting, legal failings can bite, and bite hard. Too many businesses have failed as a result of poor legal planning. On the other hand, having all the legal basics in place can prevent your business from being hit by scurrilous legal challenges and save you enormous amounts in time and legal fees.
Dec 12 6:30PM–9:15AM +0530 · Session
Your business idea might be terrible. Here’s how to fix it.
Successful businesses are built on ideas. The trouble with an idea is that it might sound great to the person who made it. It might even sound great to that person’s immediate friends, family, and associates. Sometimes, an idea goes all the way past fellow business professionals without being spotted as a bad idea. That’s because none of these people used the simple available tools to broadly validate the potential workability of an idea.
Dec 13 1:15PM–4:30PM +0530 · Session
Where to form your company (with a special note on COVID considerations)
It is not always necessary to form a company where you physically reside. In some cases, it is possible to obtain tax benefits by forming a company in another jurisdiction. But this isn’t a black and white topic. There are restrictions in place and the pros and cons need to be weighed thoroughly. In a post-COVID world, the historical authoritarian tendency of that particular jurisdiction must also be considered—those that took a heavier hand in dealing with a company’s daily affairs during COVID are less likely to be worthwhile jurisdictions in the future for a startup that must remain open to survive.
Dec 14 10:00AM–1:30PM +0530 · Session
Boring business plans get you nowhere.
There’s no getting around it: If you need funding, you will need a business plan. But there are ways to put together a business plan that grabs attention—not gimmicks, but actual skills that will turn heads and get investors or bank managers interested in backing your venture. A hot business plan is even more essential after COVID, where investors and bankers are wary of the potential success of any new venture, and rightly so.
Dec 14 4:30PM–5:00PM +0530 · Session
How to really solve your HR and office space problems, for real.
Office space is expensive, especially prime office space. But it is also essential in certain industries. COVID made this worse because offices could be closed so suddenly. Receptionists and assistants are also expensive. Their services are often only needed at certain times of the day, and yet one ends up paying a full salary for them. We offer solutions to both these problems, including how to get prime office space that is affordable, even when working remotely.
Dec 14 7:00PM–11:30PM +0530 · Session
Post-COVID Marketing 101
People’s values have changed after COVID. What was important before is less important now. Some of those changed values are: The increased importance placed on living life, spending time with family instead of working all the time, and working at home and being close to one’s children. The methods of marketing have also changed. All of this must be considered when preparing a marketing campaign in a post-COVID world.
Dec 15 9:00AM–10:00AM +0530 · Session
Unveiling the full digital marketing arsenal
Digital marketing is an enormous subject, but too many people relegate it only to “a great website” and “a social media campaign,” perhaps also a pay-per-click campaign. There are factually tons more options for your digital marketing, such as digital billboards and digital brochures. The first part of leveraging this untapped area is to know what options exist.
Dec 15 9:30AM–4:30PM +0530 · Session
Business mentorship—the good, the bad, the ugly, and the absolutely wonderful
A great business mentor can be the difference between making it big or just limping along. Meta (former Facebook) founder Mark Zuckerberg credits the great Steve Jobs with giving him some pivotal advice that opened the door to Zuckerberg’s resulting successes which made Facebook one of the largest companies in the world. We discuss what a good mentor is, when a mentor has overstepped their boundaries (great mentors never do), and how to find a great mentor.
Dec 15 9:15PM–9:30PM +0530 · Session
Gaining access to the mobile market
The mobile phone market is enormous. So many people access the internet through mobile phones that Google has even prioritized its search engine crawler to check pages for their mobile-friendliness before checking their desktop friendliness. Part of penetrating that mobile market is getting an app built affordably and which delivers value to its users. We discuss the easiest and most affordable way to do that.
Dec 16 9:00AM–5:00PM +0530 · Session
Free tools to build your business
Every business is different. And so every business needs a unique game plan to help it succeed. Start My Business has developed free tools that give any business its entire roadmap on how to build something strong and stable in a post-COVID world. All attendees will gain access to these tools and be shown how to use them.
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