Digital Commerce and Ecommerce Marketing in 2022
Nov 21, 9:00AM to Nov 25 , 2:00PM BST

About this Event


The 5 days Digital Commerce and Ecommerce Marketing in 2022 virtual conference from the London Marketing Society is aimed at providing hands-on experience on digital commerce and e-commerce marketing to both veterans and novices in the subject. 

The year 2020 turned Digital Marketing into a buzzword, but what about Ecommerce Marketing? Some might not see the distinction, but it is big. Ecommerce marketing must be laser-focused, with marketing channels and funnels solidly in place. In this four-hour course, the London Marketing Society will make the difference abundantly clear, and they will show you how to succeed at it. 

The four-hour Digital Commerce and Ecommerce Marketing in 2022 conference is also available as a client-customized private course via EventsX. Please contact the course administrator for details.


Who should attend


The program is particularly suited for:

  • Ecommerce platform/webshop owners
  • Ecommerce professionals
  • Digital marketers
  • Anyone interested in the subject

Why you should attend

  • Understand the nuanced meaning of e-commerce marketing.
  • Know how to successfully market your e-commerce business.

What are the benefits

  • Know how to create a cost-effective marketing campaign that increases leads.
  • Implement e-commerce marketing best-practices in your business. 

What previous delegates have said about similar events


  • "Comprehensive event with excellent content."
  • "Really helped me understand funnels and the different ways that they can be used to increase conversions."
  • "I particularly enjoyed the section on influencer marketing. It opened my eyes to a number of things."


What you will get

  • Four-hour virtual training from experts in the field, people who have actually “been there and done it.”
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Nov 25 9:00AM–2:00PM · Session
Agile marketing approach
We discuss the exciting concept of Agile Marketing and how you can leverage it to achieve success in your e-commerce marketing efforts
Nov 25 1:30PM–2:00PM · Session
How many marketers does it take to change a lightbulb? Tools and software to help reduce your HR burden
Large marketing plans no longer require enormous budgets and huge teams. This is particularly true in e-commerce marketing. New software and AI-powered tools automate much of the marketing efforts, reducing the need for large teams. The trick is to know where to find them and how to use them
Nov 25 9:00AM–2:00PM · Session
Q&A (open-ended)
The event ends with an open-ended Q&A session without a time limit. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions on any of the topics covered, or any other related topic
Nov 24 9:00AM–12:00PM · Session
What is wrong with the social media influencer paradigm
uring the Wild West days of digital marketing, celebrities were paid to endorse products that they had been incentivized to endorse. Eventually, the FTC put its foot down and websites, blogs, and social media personalities were required to disclose any personal gain they had received for promoting a product. The effect of this was significant. We look at the current status of influencer marketing and if it is still as big a deal as it once was
Nov 24 12:00PM–2:00PM · Session
Video killed the radio star—using video in your marketing efforts
Videos in marketing have an enormous impact on turning leads into buyers. We discuss best-practices for videos, the most effective channels, and how best to leverage video in your e-commerce marketing
Nov 24 2:00PM–5:00PM · Session
What worked in 2020 and 2021? From small to large e-commerce websites (because they’re different)
Amazon’s success in 2020 was big news, as was the success of many other online retailers. Lockdowns thrust these companies into success and the momentum of that success went well into 2021. But what works for large retailers isn’t necessarily what works for small ones. We look at trends, what worked, what didn’t, and why smaller retailers need to take what bigger retailers do with a pinch of salt
Nov 23 9:00AM–2:00PM · Session
Conversion rate
The sole purpose of e-commerce marketing is to turn leads into customers. One of the weakest points in this chain is conversion rate. Several minor factors can have a major impact on conversion rate and turn one’s marketing efforts into nothing.
Nov 23 2:00PM–5:00PM · Session
Is PPC still a thing?
Back in the early days of the web, pay-per-click advertising was a primary way to get visitors onto a website and turn them into buyers. But the ecosystem has changed drastically. Content marketing and social media seem to have taken over, and referrals from friends now drive a large portion of sales. We analyze this trend and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of PPC campaigns
Nov 22 1:00PM–5:00PM · Session
The status of e-commerce marketing in 2022
The year 2020 broke all the rules. Ecommerce websites took off like a rocket. The momentum continued for much of 2021, and the shopping patterns of many people changed. Large chains now offer pickup services or door-delivery services. What is the trend in 2022? Will we ever go back to a fully in-person experience?
Nov 22 10:00AM–1:00PM · Session
Understanding funnels
Probably one of the most important topics to understand in the e-commerce world, we delve into the subject of funnels, covering the different phases of a funnel and how to optimize it for maximum sales.
Nov 21 9:00AM–10:00AM · Stage
Understanding the concepts of digital commerce and e-commerce marketing
We delve deeply into these two concepts, covering the nuances of each and why e-commerce marketing has a unique meaning in the greater world of digital marketing.
Nov 21 12:00PM–3:00PM · Session
Understanding the omnichannel approach
Omnichannel is more than just marketing on multiple channels. It integrates offline and online experiences, different organizations, messaging, and branding.
Nov 21 10:00AM–3:00PM · Session
Panel discussion: Grammar schools and private schools—views from both sides
Above all else, there must be tolerance. This panel discussion hopes to bring the views of both sides—independent/grammar and state schools—to the fore so as to increase understanding of a contentious subject.
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Chief Marketing Officer
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Head of Marketing
Lily Wilson
Grace Roberts
Rosie Robinson
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