Welcome to EventsX
Nov 20, 9:00AM to Nov 20 , 5:00PM GMT

About this course


EventsX is the most feature-rich events platform in the world. But learning to use it is easy because the entire system was designed to be intuitive. 


In this course, we provide an overview of the most important features of EventsX to help you get you started with this incredible platform. 



  • 120 minutes. Lessons must be completed in sequence. 

What you'll learn:

  • EventsX product overview
  • Virtual venues
  • Stages and sessions
  • 3rd Party integration services
  • Broadcasting studio 
  • How EventsX brings the world together
  • First steps in setting up your EventsX Account and Organization
Nov 20 9:00AM–5:00PM GMT · Stage
Welcome to EventsX