Open Source Metaverse
Dec 09, 9:30AM to Dec 16 , 5:30PM BST

About this Event


The Open Source Metaverse event discusses the important topic of open source in the metaverse. Although open source will inevitably be a part of the metaverse—a world without open-source code is simply impossible—to what degree will Big Brother allow core technologies of it to be open-sourced? Are we headed for an Orwellian control state with a closed-source metaverse?

CloudBeam will take up these topics as well as provide a basic understanding of the metaverse to anyone who wishes to know more about it. 


Who should attend:


The program is particularly suited for:

  • Open-source developers and professionals
  • Technology experts
  • Internet companies
  • VR, AR, XR enthusiasts
  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts
  • Investors (angel, VC)
  • VC firms
  • Anyone interested in the metaverse

What are the benefits:

  • Know the implications of a closed-source versus an open-source metaverse.
  • See how open-source will increase financial opportunities, rather than decrease them.
  • Understand the basics of building a business around the metaverse. 
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Dec 12 9:30AM–5:30PM BST · Stage
The Open Source Metaverse Stage
The primary stage for the event.
Dec 12 10:00AM–12:00PM BST · Session
What is the Metaverse?
Facebook made a splash when it changed its name to Meta but many people still don’t fully understand what the metaverse is.
Dec 12 12:00PM–3:30PM BST · Session
Open-source brought us here and so it should take us further
The internet and open source have a long history. We wouldn’t be where we are without open source, so open source should logically take us to the next step—the metaverse.
Dec 13 9:30AM–11:30AM BST · Session
Partially open-source isn’t enough
Inserting snippets of open-source code into a closed-source monolith just isn’t enough.
Dec 13 1:30PM–4:30PM BST · Session
Cryptocurrency and open-source
By its very nature, cryptocurrency lends itself to open-source. Implementing it in a primarily closed-source platform will go against the basic tenets that brought us crypto in the first place.
Dec 14 9:30AM–11:00AM BST · Session
Open-source business models for successful metaverse businesses
There are several business models available to companies that support open-source. Just because a company is open-source doesn’t mean it can’t be profitable.
Dec 14 1:00PM–3:30PM BST · Session
Case studies: These 6 huge companies are all based on open-source
We look at six huge internet and software companies that showed us that an open-source business can be just as successful as closed-source ones—and they offer more to the community.
Dec 15 9:30AM–11:00AM BST · Session
Empowering everyone—increasing opportunities
Open-source opportunities mean that even people from underprivileged locations can participate in creating the metaverse and so open up financial doors for them.
Dec 15 1:00PM–3:30PM BST · Session
The IEEE’s view of a closed-source metaverse
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has weighed in on a closed metaverse. Here’s what they think.
Dec 16 9:30AM–11:30AM BST · Session
Panel discussion: Is a symbiotic relationship possible?
Can open-source exist alongside closed source? This panel discussion looks at the pros and cons.
Dec 16 2:00PM–4:30PM BST · Session
We open up the floor to everyone for questions to our key speakers.
Andy Zazueta
Metaverse Research Scientist
Carlos Bustillo
Metaverse Planner & Tech Lead
Joseph Warta
Metaverse Ecosystem Developer
Kevin Matthies
Metaverse Safety Manager
Leila Kello
Metaverse Storyteller
Ricardo Ramirez
Metaverse Cyber-Security Specialist
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