How the Metaverse Is Transforming Gaming
Dec 23, 9:30AM to Dec 30 , 5:30PM BST

About this Event

It is the world of gaming that brought the metaverse to life. MMORPGs already let thousands of people operate in the same shared universe. 

VR took it a step further and sparked the imagination that brought us, today, the dream of the metaverse. 

Gaming and gaming technology are at the forefront of the metaverse, and the metaverse will likewise propel gaming into an entirely new dimension. 

The How the Metaverse Is Transforming Gaming event will look in-depth at how the world of gaming will be forever changed by the metaverse, and what opportunities this will bring. 

Who should attend:

The program is particularly suited for:

  • Game developers
  • Gaming enthusiasts
  • Gaming companies
  • Internet companies
  • Software companies
  • VR, AR, XR enthusiasts
  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts
  • Investors (angel, VC)
  • VC firms
  • Anyone interested in the metaverse

What are the benefits:

  • Know clearly the opportunities that the metaverse is bringing to gaming. 
  • Conversely, know how the gaming sector will be the driving force behind a fully-functioning metaverse.
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Dec 19 9:30AM–5:30PM BST · Stage
How the Metaverse Is Transforming Gaming
The primary stage for the event.
Dec 19 9:30AM–11:00AM BST · Session
How the gaming world drove the Metaverse revolution
The gaming sector has long been at the forefront of the technology needed to create a true metaverse. This presentation will show you how.
Dec 19 12:00PM–2:00PM BST · Session
The dream of holographic games—a technically in-depth discussion
Holograms have been used so much in Hollywood that the uninitiated don’t understand precisely how difficult they are to achieve. We dive deep into the topic in this technical presentation.
Dec 20 9:30AM–12:00PM BST · Session
Pokémon GO: A case study
The Pokémon GO sensation stirred imaginations worldwide. It showed what AR and XR can do in the world of gaming. What is the next step to turn this into a true metaverse experience?
Dec 20 1:00PM–3:00PM BST · Session
3D Charades and the Maker Pen—a taste of the world to come?
Released in 2016, 3D Charades was one of those games that showed tremendous prescience in predicting the metaverse. Now, the game can be used as a model for all game-makers who want to expand into the metaverse.
Dec 21 9:30AM–11:30AM BST · Session
Open-source business models for successful metaverse businesses
There are several business models available to companies that support open-source. Just because a company is open-source doesn’t mean it can’t be profitable.
Dec 21 2:30PM–4:30PM BST · Session
Case studies: These 6 huge companies are all based on open-source
We look at six huge internet and software companies that showed us that an open-source business can be just as successful as closed-source ones—and they offer more to the community.
Dec 22 9:30AM–11:30AM BST · Session
Empowering everyone—increasing opportunities
Open-source opportunities mean that even people from underprivileged locations can participate in creating the metaverse and so open up financial doors for them.
Dec 22 12:30PM–3:30PM BST · Session
The IEEE’s view of a closed-source metaverse
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has weighed in on a closed metaverse. Here’s what they think.
Dec 23 9:30AM–12:30PM BST · Session
Panel discussion: Is a symbiotic relationship possible?
Can open-source exist alongside closed source? This panel discussion looks at the pros and cons.
Dec 23 1:00PM–5:00PM BST · Session
We open up the floor to everyone for questions to our key speakers.
Amia Porter
Metaverse Avatar Clothing Designer
Christa Burns
Metaverse Data Bounty Hunters
Sabah Jamal
Metahuman Doctor - Metaverse
Victoria Escalera
Metaverse Construct Architects
Wesley Daughtry
Metaverse Event Director
William Stewart
Metaverse Research Scientist
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